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Sweet n Low




Welcome to the new Sweet'N Low UK website. In case you didn't know we are now available to buy at Tesco so you don't have to pinch it from your coffee shop anymore! We've put together a selection of interesting snippets, perfect for your coffee or tea break.

Sweet TIPS

Soap star Rob Norbury gets steamy!


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Five good reasons to use Sweet'N Low
  1. Cut 108 calories a day when you replace sugar with Sweet'N Low in your tea. (Based on six cups of tea a day, containing one teaspoon of sugar)
  2. Excellent for cooking and baking
  3. Pours just like sugar
  4. Suitable for diabetics
  5. It’s cute, pink and comes in a handbag-size dispenser or a larger 75g tub.

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Here's our low fat dish of the day...


Cheeky Cocktail OF THE WEEK

Skinny Daiquiri


3/4 ounce of fresh lime juice
1 packet of Sweet'N Low® granulated sugar substitute
1 1-inch x 1/2-inch strip lime zest
1 1/2 ounces of light rum
1 lime slice, for garnish

A touch of lime zest accents the flavour of this favourite cocktail.
In a cocktail shaker, muddle the lime zest with the Sweet'N Low. Add the lime juice and rum. Fill halfway with cracked ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled stemmed glass. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Dish of the day

Nutrition Facts

Per serving :

Calories : 70
Sodium : 135mg
Total carbs : 15gm
Protein : 2gm


WAYS TO Feel Sexy


Dish OF


Hunk of the day
  • Get physical

    Exercise is proven to boost your sex drive, will give you more energy and help you look and feel great.

  • Silky smooth

    A luxurious fabric feels sensual on your skin, so try some silk pjs – they might just make you feel a little bit naughty.

  • Flash those pearly whites

    Invest in a whitening toothpaste to make your smile super sexy.

  • Accept help

    If you’re conscious that you’re flat chested, invest in a good push-up bra or even chicken fillets. No-one ever needs to know, and you’re confidence will be boosted as well as your best assets!

  • Faking it part two

    If you do decide to tan, wear gloves! Men and not very sympathetic to the plight of stained hands...

  • Be bold

    Take the initiative. Starting a conversation with a guy you fancy isn’t forward, it’s sexy. He’ll be impressed – and relieved!

  • Bright is best

    Even if you have to be suited and booted for work, add a splash of colour with bright nail polish or a great pair of heels that show your personality.

  • What lies beneath

    Ditch the granny pants and promote your special occasion undies to everyday wear!

  • Listen to wise words

    Sophia Loren, “Sex appeal is fifty per cent what you’ve got and fifty per cent what people think you’ve got.” So THINK sexy.

  • Switch to soft lights

    Harsh lights showcase every imperfection; soft lighting is far more flattering! Switch your regular light bulbs for peach-coloured ones or group several candles in various areas. It’ll help you feel good and really set the mood for love!

  • Show off your shoulders

    No matter what your shape, exposing your collarbones is universally flattering, and also sensuous. This classy flesh-flash exposes just enough skin to spark his interest.

  • Walk tall

    Good posture makes you look slimmer and more confident, so, shoulders back, chin up, chest out!

  • Find your signature scent

    Certain perfumes are meant to be ‘sexy’, but just find one that you love and it will lift your mood every time you apply it.

  • Get steamy!

    Steam your face once a week over a bowl of hot water for a cheap as chips facial that will leave you glowing from within.

  • Put some clothes on!

    Even if you’re having a weekend holed up at home, take a shower and get dressed rather than lazing around in scruffy pyjamas all day. You’ll feel sexier and more productive!

  • Keep your knickers naughty

    Wear something naughty under your clothes. Even if you are the only one who knows about it!

  • Do something clichéd!

    Clichés are called clichés because they work. Date nights, bubble baths and scented candles are all sure-fire ways to get you in the mood.

  • Find some good support

    A great fitting bra can transform your figure – and not having to concentrate on uncomfortable underwear will lift your mood.

  • Have a laugh

    Bad jokes are a great ice-breaker, and show you can laugh at yourself, which is always sexy.

  • Clothes are key

    Four-inch heels and pencil skirt are undeniably sexy, but if you feel more comfortable in jeans and trainers, wear them. Stuffing yourself into something that’s not ‘you’ will only make you feel awkward.

  • Lap up the praise

    If someone compliments you, accept it! Saying “thank you” isn’t big-headed – just believe you look hot!

  • Men like hair

    Stereotypically, men are attracted to long glossy hair, but this is because it’s associated with health. Whatever your hairstyle, keep your locks in tip-top condition by applying a nourishing masque once a month.

  • Cocktail queen

    Channel your inner SATC with a glamorous girls night out – heels mandatory.

  • Get lippy

    Lipstick is an easy way to ramp up the glam factor, and a slick of Hollywood red will have you feeling like a sexy screen siren in no time.

  • Get your zzzzzzzzs

    Not getting enough sleep will take its toll on your mood and your skin, so aim for a full eight hours to feel perky and refreshed.

  • Pale and interesting rules ok

    ake tan is great for making you feel that little bit more confident about getting your legs out – but a natural, subtle glow is far sexier than being totally tangoe-d.

  • Work with what you’ve got

    Something as simple as having clean and polished nails or freshly plucked eyebrows will lift your mood and make you feel that little bit sexier.

  • Switch your scent.

    Time can make you immune to smells. Surprise yourself (and him) by trying a new perfume, which will re-awaken your senses.

  • Perfection isn’t necessary

    Smoky eye make-up is always super-sexy, but it doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s meant to look ‘undone’. Smudge away and add cute pink lips.

  • Sometimes, red means GO!

    Experts say that red is an arousing colour that gets people's blood pumping. Swing by your local florist, pick up a bouquet of red dahlias, and set them in the middle of your table.

  • Bling it up

    Jewellery can make or break an outfit so put on those pearls and wow him.

  • Let music be the food of love

    If your music veers between disco and country, it'll be more than a little jarring. Pick a theme for your background. Try laid-back reggae, '60s soul, or Spanish music like Gipsy Kings and Andrés Segovia. They’re all provocative and ooze a sexy sound.

  • Grab that LBD

    We all have one outfit that never fails to make us feel a million dollars. Grab it now.

  • Get lashed

    Most of us wear mascara, but invest in a volumising one and some great eyelash curlers for a flirty flutter.

  • Sometimes, it just won’t happen

    Not everyone will feel sexy all day every day. Try and maintain a positive attitude though, and don’t beat yourself up about it!

  • Be strict

    No matter what time it is or how bad you feel, stick to the mantra of cleanse, tone, moisturise. It’ll be worth it in the morning!

  • No neglect

    Make sure you moisturise hands, feet, knees and elbows. These forgotten areas can become dry and unsexy fast – nip it in the bud.

  • Blushing isn’t bad

    Even if you don’t feel at your best, a little blusher will lift your appearance and make you look livelier.

  • Say no to make-up meltdowns

    Make-up can boost your confidence, so to feel at your sexiest invest in a good primer to stop foundation sliding down your face come 4pm.

  • Take a staycation

    Holidays provide a change of scenery, which automatically makes you let your guard down and feel sexier. Pricey flights aren’t necessary; booking into a gorgeous hotel close by will still really set the mood.

  • Strike a (yoga) pose

    Yoga stimulates blood flow throughout the body, which helps you to feel more sensual and de-stress.

  • Don’t get in a rut

    Something as simple as a new lipstick or a semi-permanent hair colour can totally change your appearance and make you feel hot.

  • Smile

    Smiling releases endorphins, making you feel happier, AND it makes you look friendlier, sexier and more approachable – win!

  • Turn off to turn on

    Gadgets are great, but they provide a distraction. Switching off the TV will will help you connect to your sensual side and get in the mood.

  • Volumise!

    All that washing, blow drying and teasing is time consuming, but swishy hair that’s full of life will make you feel instantly sexier.

  • Denim dilemma

    Shopping for jeans is well known for being a nightmare – but persevere till you find the perfect pair – they’ll make you look and feel great.

  • Get hot in the kitchen to get hotter in the bedroom

    Hot peppers release some of the same endorphins as having sex. Search for a recipe that requires them for a meal that will leave everyone feeling a bit more... satisfied.

  • Lose the loser mannerisms

    Even if you’re loud and proud, slouching will make you look like an unapproachable wallflower.

  • Take your time

    When getting ready, whether it’s for a girl’s night out or a hot date, ensure you look and feel your best by giving yourself plenty of time to get ready whilst listening to your favourite songs.

  • Sexy is not a body shape

    It’s an aura. There is no perfect body shape, so learning to love your own figure will lead to admiring glances from others.

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